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IRS Audit Representation in Oklahoma

Audits can be scary! But, you do have rights and you can find IRS audit help in Oklahoma. Know them. Protect yourself. Call us for IRS audit representation!

Have you been notified by the IRS that it will be auditing your tax returns? Are you unsure of where to begin or what to do?

We can help!

The first thing an audited taxpayer should do is – get help and find audit representation! Most taxpayers don't know that they have certain rights in an audit. They don't know how to exercise those rights, and they don't know how to protect themselves from having hundreds and often times thousands of dollars added to their tax bill.

Audits most often begin by the IRS asking for information and documents to support filed tax returns. It is important to give the information in a well-organized package, and with proper explanation.

Once the audit is completed the IRS gives the taxpayer an outline of its findings and the proposed results – namely, more tax due. At that time, the taxpayer can contest the findings and results through various means, including filing a tax court petition with the help of tax audit representation.

Know your rights, get IRS audit help and be prepared! These three simple things could save you tons of money and lots of headaches.


If you are under audit and live in the state of Oklahoma -- WE CAN HELP AND PROVIDE AUDIT REPRESENTATION! Call us confidentially at 405-801-2146 or fill out our confidential contact form which will entitle you to request that someone from our firm contact you to schedule your FREE initial consultation with an attorney and see if you need tax audit representation. Don't wait. There are always deadlines in audit cases!!!

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