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Bank Levy Help in Oklahoma

Bank levies are brutal! They "strangle" a taxpayer by "choking off" your cash flow. We can help and assist you in securing a bank levy release in Oklahoma!

Has the IRS or state levied one of your bank accounts? Would you like to have your accounts and cash released or have the levying stopped? We can provide Oklahoma bank levy help.

We can help!

We have experience in negotiating the release of IRS bank levies.

The IRS is the "Super Creditor"!!!

It has ultimate collection power, which is why you need bank levy help. The IRS doesn't have to take a taxpayer to court to collect a debt like other creditors. Nope . . . The IRS just mails a series of Notices to the taxpayer advising of the tax debt and notifying the taxpayer that it intends to levy the taxpayer's accounts. That's it!!

If the taxpayer doesn't pay, a levy can be issued. The IRS notifies the bank (or other party) of the levy. It instructs the bank to "hold" the taxpayer's money and pay it to the IRS. If the bank fails or refuses it can be punished.

This is the IRS's biggest and best weapon for collecting taxes. By levying a taxpayer's account the IRS can "strangle" a taxpayer by "choking off" your cash flow. And it is very difficult to get a bank levy release on your own.


To learn if you may be able to have a bank levy (or other levy) released, call us confidentially or complete our confidential contact form, which will entitle you to request that someone from our firm contact you to schedule your FREE initial consultation and see if you need bank levy help in Oklahoma.

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We can help!

Do you have unpaid state or federal taxes? Do you need help with a bank levy or a lien? Schedule your free tax resolution consultation today to find out what we can do for you.

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