IRS Account Investigation

IRS Account Investigation

If you have no idea why you owe taxes or how much you owe you should investigate. (We are all human -- sometimes the IRS and state make mistakes!) We can help!

Have you received inconsistent or incomplete information from the IRS about your accounts? Do you have trouble reading and understanding the account information the IRS has sent regarding your account? Would you like someone to give you a no-nonsense summary of your accounts and a bottom-line number of what you owe?

This service is referred to as our "Investigation", and it is designed to help taxpayers who need specific information about the status of their IRS accounts.

Lots of taxpayers complain about receiving inconsistent or incomplete information from the IRS. Our unique service provides taxpayers with clear and concise information about the status of their IRS account.

We can give you a breakdown detailing:

  • Amounts owed for each tax year/period;
  • Penalties and interest for each tax year/period;
  • An overview of whether your returns were filed and assessed;
  • bankruptcy analysis for each tax year/period;
  • An overview of when and whether the taxes are still collectible by the IRS (i.e., the CSEDs)

Additionally, we can determine whether the IRS has filed a tax lien. An IRS tax lien attaches to all of a taxpayer's property, and may appear on a credit report. Knowing in advance whether you have a tax lien prepares you for situations if you plan to sell a secured piece of property or apply for credit.

If you have questions about the status of your IRS account, including how much you owe to the IRS, whether a previously filed return was processed, and so forth, or if you would like to find out whether you have an IRS lien placed against your property, we can help.

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