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Pay Your Debt: If you could pay your debt with the IRS, you probably wouldn't be reading this right now (but I guess it's only fair that I list this as one of the ways to get out of your IRS Debt). Since I'm assuming you're UNABLE to pay the amount in full, let's move on and take a closer look at what your options are...

If you have failed to pay payroll taxes for your business, the IRS considers this to be a very serious matter and will pursue it to the fullest extent of the law. From the IRS' perspective, you've spent employees' money illegally that you were 'entrusted' to hold onto for the government.

If you have not filed your tax returns, you have committed a crime in the eyes of the IRS. It's called "Willful Failure to File" and you can receive one year of prison time for each tax year that you didn't file. You're considered a "non-filer".

If you owe the IRS money for ANY reason, not only can they take your wages, but they can also take things like your real estate, Social Security, 401(k)'s, IRA's, car, boat, house, accounts receivable, cash loan value of your life insurance, or name just a few.

If you're finally ready to wipe out the IRS problem in your life so you can finally stop worrying about having your Bank Account Levied...Your Paycheck Garnished...Your Assets Seized...IRS Agents Showing Up at Your Home or Work...or Going to Jail...

The IRS can take 15% of your Social Security payments to satisfy your tax debt. Prior to 1996, there was a $750/month "off limits" amount that had to be left for the Social Security recipient.

The IRS has the power to assess penalties in over 147 different situations. Almost every person or business suffering from an IRS problem owes the IRS even more money because of penalties. What you probably don't know is that the IRS writes-off approximately 50% of all penalties. The IRS calls the act of "writing-off" or eliminating a penalty an "abatement". The IRS does not normally volunteer any information about the likelihood to do this. You MUST ask!

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